A-M-G5 is a space for exhibitions and dialogue located in central Glasgow. Directed by Andrew Mummery it will present three exhibitions a year each focussing on one work by an invited artist. A programme of events will be organised to coincide with each exhibition, presenting the exhibited artwork and the work of its artist in a wider context.

In addition to the three exhibitions A-M-G5 will present, at different times during the year, curated projects themed around dialogue.

Richard Walker makes observational paintings, concentrating on depicting what he sees in front of him in his studio. They are systematic encounters with reality addressing themes of consciousness and presence. For his subject Walker turns his studio into a stage set with draped props acting as grounds for projected images and theatrical spotlighting that creates sharp highlights and deep shadows. His work emphasises painting’s traditional use of light and illusion by severely limiting the first and greatly complicating the second.