Delicate Rebellion - Relaunch party 
July 28th 

Callum Easter - Room1. Room.2 
July 12th - July 14th

Martin McKenna and Derek Sutherland -
Fifth Business
June 28th - July 7th

It’s The Media Not You! - Dialectic Bubble
June 14th - June 23rd

Jack Brindley - Dumb Poet
May 31st - June 9th

Hannah Ustun - The Right Impression
May 10th - May 19th

Group Show - Nice To Meet You
May 3rd - May 5th

Richard Walker - Jones UndergroundApril 26th - April 28th

Guy Titterington- Re: surface
March 29th - March 31st

Hunted Projects - One Night Only
March 15th

Kevin Harman - The West End Sheriff
March 2nd - March 10th

Alessandro Di Massimo - The Rise and Fall of Your Chosen Empire
February 16th - February 24th

Norman Harman - The Pentland Experiment February 1st - February 10th

Kevin Harman - Hope-less
November 16th - November 25th

Liam Allan - Arrangements
September 29th - October 7th

Kevin Harman - Signs of Life
September 9th - September 17th

Frank//Edinburgh Leisure// Eyes of Others
July 11th

Conrad Griffiths - Album Listening Party
August 19th