Eva Ísleifs

Eva ́s work is often reflecting the exhausted human, how the man perceives himself, the everyday and the social discourse. Ghosts of a bastard craft are lingering in the work, but as a way of replication and distortion within a historical context. She often plays with humour where the hope and hopelessness play against each other and what is left are questions on how valuables and values are perceived and created. Eva works with the notion of the replica, fact or fictional environment where she constructs performances, live or within the setting itself.

Eva Ísleifs b. 1982 lives and works in Reykjavík, Iceland and Athens, Greece. She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from the Art Academy of Iceland 2008 and with Master degree in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art 2010. She has exhibited her work internationally and co-curated exhibition projects and workshops. Recent exhibitions are Looking for Proxies, Gallery Port Iceland 2019, Dialectic Bubble, Ltd Ink Corporation Edinburgh, Scotland 2019, Real time by all at MEME Athens 2019 and The Wheel, outdoor sculpture festival with the Sculpture Association of Reykjavik 2018.

Eva co curateds the Places Biennale ( in the West of Iceland with Þ. Olafsdottur, and Becky Forsythe. Curated the Exhibition of Lost Artworks in Museum in Akranes 2014 and Beyond Human Impulses in Athens and Reykjavik 2018. In 2016 she opened A - DASH (, exhibition space and artist studios in Athens where she has curated short and long term projects as well as hosting international artists in the space with N. Niederhauser and Z. Hatzyiannaki. Recent collaborative projects are It ́s the Media Not You! With R. McMahon and K. Inga Jónsd. Hjördísard. Eva is the recipient of the Icelandic Artist Salary for 6 months in 2020.
It’s the Media not you! ︎︎︎