Eva Ísleifs
Digital print on acrylic
Commission for Ltd Ink Corporation - Safari of Sorts 2020

A: How the fuck am I supposed to reach it !?!
B: Just jump !
A: What do you mean, do you really think I can jump?
B: No
A: So why do you suggest it?
B: Why not.
A: Are you kidding me.....
B: No

Eva ́s work is often reflecting the exhausted human, how the man perceives himself, the everyday and the social discourse. Ghosts of a bastard craft are lingering in the work, but as a way of replication and distortion within a historical context. She often plays with humour where the hope and hopelessness play against each other and what is left are questions on how valuables and values are perceived and created. Eva works with dthe notion of the replica, fact or fictional environment where she constructs performances, live or within the setting itself.

Eva Ísleifs works and lives in Athens, Greece. Born in Iceland and studying in Edinburgh at ECA from 2008-2012 She is currently a director of the Athens based project space A-Dash and exhibits throughout Europe with her induvidual practise and as part of the feminist collective ‘Its The Media, Not You!
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