It's The Media Not You!

It's The Media Not You! is a collaboration between artists Eva Ísleifs, Katrín Inga Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir and Rakel McMahon who look to investigate performance as both method and medium.  'Dialectic bubble' is the group's most recent exhibition in which they documented their thoughts, creating a dialogue that became a visual representation of their relationship, the construction of it, the debate, exploring the specific territories of their collaborative work whilst exposing the riskiness of words and the fragility they can reveal within relationships.

Rakel, Eva and Katrín Inga have been active participants of the Icelandic art scene for the last decade, as well as the art scenes of Athens, Edinburgh and New York where they have lived and studied. Past exhibitions include ‘About Looking’ at Gamma Gallery in Reykjavík (2018) and ‘Cracking the Code’ at Eastern Edge Gallery, Newfoundland, (2015). They have collaborated over the past five years throughout their ongoing individual practices. 

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