Jamie Cooper

Jamie’s current practice has grown to draw on Sci-fi futurism to construct theoretical ‘other places’ where there is the cognative room to imagine more optamistic futures beyond late capitalist2 and climate crisis1.

Jamie Cooper has shown public art works as part of the British Council interdisciplinary ‘Cityscapers’ project in 2008, toured by British Council to London, Sydney and Singapore. He has also contributed public artwork to Glasgow International in 2010. Several of his video works have been shown in Glasgow and Berlin as part of the Solid State cinema, Youthitude DIY festival and at Mojito Kino. In 2013 Jamie was the recipient of both Creative Scotland and Arts trust Scotland professional Development funding. Jamie has had many self initiated projects in Glasgow including Modern World, Zerode and Vomit Apocalypse group shows and is the editor of the art and theory publication Zerozine.