Martin McKenna Feeder I (Thoughts on Constantin Brâncuși )
Super Saver Margarine, Dawn Chorus Wild Bird Original , Wood.
Commission for Ltd Ink Corporation - Safari of Sorts 2021

Martin Mckenna's work draws on several tendencies Analytic Abstraction, Process Art (means and methods), Arte Povera (humble materials), Minimalism (presentation strategies) from this he manages to produce his own synthesis.
Thrift and aesthetic prudence mark this work, conceptual rigour and economy. The works can be perplexing beneath a straightforward veneer. Impossibility of information and interpretation, a digestion - mulch. Tactile investigation into printed matter and reproduction.
Mckenna's work takes an egalitarian approach to materials and subject. Matter is digested mulched over, boiled down, reduced, coagulated ultimately creating something new and unique.

Martin McKenna was born in Edinburgh, 1974. McKenna studied at Grays School of Art Aberdeen 2002-2006 and on graduating was awarded the RSA John Kinross Scholarship. Martin’s work is held in collections at Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture and the Art & Heritage Collections, Robert Gordon University.

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