Sruli Recht

Luxury of Choice. Objects of Self-Deliverance is a collection of 17 objects for a voluntary death. Methodically crafted. Completely real. Designed by Sruli Recht. An exhibition produced in collaboration with Hazard Gallery. 
Sruli Recht’s personal experience of living with chronic illness is very much at the core of the project. Equally essential to the project was Recht’s research into euthanasia – the act of deliberately ending a person’s life to relieve pain and sufering. His research revealed the cases when the process went disastrously wrong, “with inefective objects and tragic failures,” and brought up the question about the ritual for the transition.

Equal parts innovator and provocateur, award winning designer Sruli Recht (b.1979) blur the lines between fine art, runway fashion and industrial design. From his beginnings in fashion where Recht has worked with the likes of Alexander McQueen to his own ‘Non Product’ series exploring the relationship between production materials and waste, his two decades of professional output have honed a contrarian approach to design. With origins in Israel, Recht’s personal and professional journey has taken him from Melbourne to London to Reykjavík, and now Amsterdam, where the designer can be found in his atelier, conducting experiments that challenge long-entrenched practices and acting as the chief designer for Norlan, the brand that modernizes the whisky drinking experience through design, science, and ritual. While a champion of the latest bleeding-edge production methods and naturally-occurring, indigenous materials, Recht claims that the only constant ingredient of his practice is the narrative – a seamless integration of story and product.

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