Thomas Adam 

Thomas Adam is a Scottish artist and MA Royal College of Art graduate currently practicing in Edinburgh. Upcoming solo exhibitions include 'Chemtrails Over Camberwell' at Arusha Gallery 19th - 28th of March 2022, London, and '16:9 Billboard' Kingsgate Project Space, 31st March - 23rd  April, London. Previous exhibitions include 'Safari of Sorts' Ltd Ink Corporation, June 2021, Glasgow, and 'Lightning Without Thunder' Solo Exhibition, Arusha Gallery, 2019, Edinburgh.

Adam was recently awarded the J and W Gordon Smith Prize for painting in November 2021. Using a combination of acrylic, airbrush, and digital vinyl on aluminium, Adam employs a fine dot painting technique to slowly build depth and tone in his imagery. This technique creates a juxtaposition between the luminous nature of the metallic background and the matt dot work. The paintings embed themselves into their surroundings; responding to the changing natural light of the day, often found glowing alongside the sunset.