Tiago Duarte 

Tiago's solo show ‘WeDisappear’ investigated the evolution and digitisation of past drawing and traces.

WeDisappear, extract text from an interview between Dean Brierley and Tiago Duarte for the exhibition WeDisappear.

‘The original title “I Disappear” comes from the notion that I couldn’t see my hand in the original drawings, or more precisely my person, and when things became transformed into digital images then I can see myself but I cannot see my hand. There’s this dichotomy, this tension where I can never really place myself within the work, it escapes me and, in a way, it gravitates towards its own nature and my agency disappears, which is what I like. That’s why the title “I Disappear” came about, shifting to “WeDisappear” by collaborating with you as an input to make the work. The title of the video installation, “On Caves and Moons” comes from this very simple chronological impression we have around the evolution of imagery, from primitive mark making to more technological ways of producing images. Both, in a way, completely independent of human agency. Images that are things in concrete independently of their source.’

Full exhibition text here.

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